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2011-05-30 12:13 pm

Aftermath, Continued

 [Phone Call, Locked to the DA]

[Tarvek is finally beginning to get angry.  He's not a fast fury sort, and he's surprisingly peaceful given a chance, but he's got two dead friends laid out on his home-office sofa, and he's waiting to see if Mayfield has the grace to give them back now that it's had it's fun.  He's the sort of fellow who wants answers -- and he can't think of a better place to go than the DA...]

Harry, and the rest of you....

I'm still not sure Mayfield itself is evil, but I am past angry with how things work out here.  This shouldn't have led to a bloodbath.

What do people know about why folks here in Mayfield play along?  We've got groups like the DA, but what good is that if, as soon as the town goes crazy, half of us are going to go along with it?  Something...

Something a friend of mine said, just before she died in this last round makes me think she was afraid people she loved from home would be pulled to Mayfield if she didn't cooperate.  Did any of the rest of you get threats to people you love?