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[The night is soft, and pleasant, and Tarvek's come home from a long day at the law partnership trying to understand even a fraction of how Mayfield law works...and from stopping at Ilsa's on the way home, where he ate good food, drank wonderful coffee...

And almost kissed a Real Live Woman.

He's in a terrible jangle, when he returns, and The Betty (his drone wife) is very annoyed with him: he forgot to call and say he'd be working late!  She tells him he's "in the doghouse."  So instead of reading to Catherine, his drone daughter, or helping Perry, his drone son, with homework, he has (rather cheerfully) rummaged through the kitchen until he found a number of promising bottles, and he's gone out to sit on the roof of his otherwise empty Mayfield dog-house -- a doghouse that fortunately has a flat enough roof to sit on, Snoopy-style.

He's spend the evening watching the stars move in Mayfield's heavens, while slowly sipping straight "Johnny Walker Black."  He's reasonably impressed with how it holds up to palinka, the local Romanian brandy common around Sturmhalten... or he was impressed while he was still sober enough to consider the question.

He's 21, or thereabouts, fresh from an overly dramatic prior life, dropped in Mayfield for both better and for worse. He's been given a free zombie family nicer than his wildest daydreams when surrounded by his own Addam's Family awful kinfolk -- though, granted, much stupider.  He's lost one girl he met and fell in love with less than two weeks ago, and was with for less than a week., and he's dreadfully afraid he's already found another woman with whom he's insanely infatuated.  He feels free and captured, safe and in vile danger, guilty and giddy all at once, and either the combination of feelings, the majority of a bottle of scotch, or both are making his stomach very turbulent.

He manages to stand upright on the roof of the doghouse. He throws his head back, and begins to sing very loudly in Romanian: a sad, tempestuous song of love that only a fellow Romanian might be able to translate.  Then he sings a common little sardonic ditty sung by the local peasants about the ruler in his home territory, and said ruler's fixation with bigger blimps -- among other outsided equipment.  Then he returns to another love song

You are nearby: flying overhead, walking on the sidewalk, trying to sleep in a nearby house.  What do you do?


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