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[As usual, if it weren't for the crazy elements, Tarvek could just curl up and adore Mayfield.  Now, he's invited Ilsa out. He's wearing his best suit, and he's taking a Mayfield Risk: he's taking her to dinner, and to a restaurant afterward.]

[He intends it be the best Mayfield has to offer.  Granted, in Mayfield that means a limited number of options. Decent steak, decent shrimp cocktail, passable but uninspired Lobster, and probably one decent French restaurant... decent, but with a very limited set of choices.  Count boeuf Bourguignon, escargot, French onion soup, something flambe, and not a lot else. But there's soft music, there are candles, and he's dressed to impress. He works at all the niceties; draws out her seat for her, tests the wine, does what little a poor Europan prince can to turn a mediocre meal into a feast through clever suggestions and requests.  Through it all his eyes shine.  He's back with his beloved, and she remembers him.]

It's good to be home, leibchen.

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[ Though the phrasing is not what she would of chosen, she knows what he means by it. Ilsa knows why he chose the restaurant, because even though she could do better. He had said he wanted her to relax, the idea was she didn't have to cook. Even though it was nice to have a night out, L'D├ęplaisant lived up to its name. ]

I do appreciate the effort, 'bibi. Are you sure you want to be in a crowd at midnight?

[ Her eyes dance as she sips her wine. ]

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I want to be with you at midnight, and nothing else matters.

[Considers] Liebchen, if I could, I would take you to *my* Paris. We'd dance, we'd got to the music halls, we'd eat true, first class French food, and after... I would go anywhere you wanted. We could dance in the streets, or slip into a little hotel, or what you wish. Here...

Here, love, it's still what you wish.

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I think we'd best be somewhere secure at midnight.

[ It's mostly said in jest, but with Mayfield, you never know. ]

Tell me, does your world have the tradition of the first thing you do in the new year setting the tone for the rest of the year?

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(Amused) My world is like yours, love: huge, with a lot of traditions. But, yes, that's one of them.

[Smiles, anticipating.]

By the look in your eye, Ilsa, you know what you want this year to involve lots of.

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Convivial conversation, of course.

[ She raises an eyebrow at him. ]

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[Flutters lashes.] And plenty of social intercourse, no doubt.

I've... I've made a reservation at the hotel. If...if you'd like. Few if any drones, and none "ours." Privacy. A chance to just be alone.

If you'd rather go to either of our houses I don't mind at all. But I thought that you might enjoy the change. And someone else making the bed and washing the sheets.

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Privacy would be definitely appreciated.

[ She chuckles as she toys with the dessert. ]

Good thing I told the house-mates not to expect me until morning.

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[What a happy boychick! He smiles, and the first fine traces of smile-lines show around his eyes. He's young, and hasn't had much reason to smile previously, so they're not very deep yet...but the glitter in his eyes and the sudden upturn of his usually sober mouth override his built-in scowl. He gestures to the waiter to start preparing the check, and enjoys the sweetness of the cherries Jubilee, even if they are a bit sticky.]

I told the Not!Betty that I had a social engagement I couldn't afford to miss. That was enough for her.

I do wish I could take you to Paris, love. Or It's gone, now, at least in my world. But it would have been wonderful to bring you to Castle Sturmvoraus. I'd have had the lightening moat lit just to celebrate your arrival.

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[ Her smile is promising. ]

There's places I'd like to show you as well. Okinawa during Obon, Austin during Oktoberfest, Calle Ocho in March... Montreal, once the statute of limitations is expired.

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[Regret tinged with irony colors his reaction.]

And such a shame neither of us can manage to travel there...much less both of us.

[Head drops a bit.] I...I don't think I want to go home to stay. But there's so much to miss. Things that were part of my life.

Maybe... maybe someday we'll have all that, and Mayfield, too. [He smiles, wondering if she'll catch a quip he's caught from Quin.]

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[ She lets the slightest thread of comforting emotion wrap around him, the most she can get away with in a public place such as a restaurant. ]

We get out, there's a good chance we can travel. Maybe even to several home-places. Something to look forward to, 'bibi.

Date: 2012-01-03 12:40 am (UTC)
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[Smiles, and nods, recognizing the touch of her talent.]

Yes. You know, if we can travel -- really travel, to more than one universe -- I'd be tempted to go exploring. I was never free to be a...(sniggers)... A Gentleman Explorer!!!! back home. I think Gil got the chance, but I was tied to Sturmhalten. Between worry over Anevka, and Father, and all the plots, and the simple risk of being bred to be Storm King in an Empire ruled by Klaus Wulfenbach...

I didn't get around much.

But it would be wonderful to find the sort of perfect, hidden land they write about in adventure stories. A Lost Land, or a Hidden Utopia.

We could live there, and just go to our home worlds for love. Yes?

[He finishes his dessert, dabs quite elegantly with his napkin, and nods the waiter over, check in hand. He pays with a flourish, leaving a princely tip.]

Onward to privacy, schatzi?

Date: 2012-01-03 12:56 am (UTC)
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[ She makes a note to introduce him to bucket lists, later. For now, she contents herself to walk near him, rather than the manner she would at home, with her arm around his shoulders. ]

[ Still, decorum is observed outwardly - while she walks along with her hands on her purse, another thread wraps around him, a teasing sensation that is not quite ticklish.... ]
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[Anticipation prickles up and down his spine, and he blushes, and almost stumbles, sending her an amused -- and steamy -- glance.]

I shan't manage to drive, if you continue, my dear.

Tease, if you wish... but do make sure I can get us to the hotel safely.

[He opens the door of the convertible for her. The roof is up -- it's still chilly. But heaven forfend he take her in less than his finest chariot.]

Date: 2012-01-03 01:24 am (UTC)
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[ She chuckles, suppressing the little bit of worry. It still might leak through, but she's watching the area without seeming to be vigilant. Once he's in the car, and they are away from eavesdroppers, she asks the question teasing around the edges of the conversation. ]

So, you arranged things for us to be private, without the rumor mill grinding fine... checked in this afternoon, and then we don't cause a scene in the lobby, right? Anything I should do to make it easier?

Date: 2012-01-03 01:46 am (UTC)
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[He so wishes this were not so stupidly complex. But he's absolutely nothing if not a capable planner and undercover operative. He gives her an amused look.]

Of course I've set things up. We have separate rooms. They're connected, but I've firmly requested the doors be locked, and have made something of a stink about it. You are there as Mrs. Spengler. I'm there as myself. We shall arrive together, but I shall let you go up to your room while I flirt with a remarkably boring drone bar waitress. I shall then proceed up on my own.

If you wish to add a level, you may wish to linger at the check-in desk, while I "abandon" you... and grumble about my manners and the waste of time you had to spend over dinner discussing upcoming cases.

Will that do, love, or have you other ideas to add to the illusion?

Date: 2012-01-03 02:01 am (UTC)
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Illusion, perhaps. You know how I am when I have to dissemble.

[ She smiles, and places her hand briefly on his. ]

I can be socially invisible, if needed. So while you flirt, I check in, and nobody notices the secretary.

[ Settling back in her seat, she chuckles. ]

I can take the time to soundproof the rooms while you pick the lock on your door.

Date: 2012-01-03 02:16 am (UTC)
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[Oh. Soundproofing.]

That sounds...or doesn't sound...fascinating. By all means, liebchen, silence our rooms.

[He pulls into the parking lot, helps her out with studied indifference, then takes two suitcases from the back seat. He establishes his indifference by simply handing her one, and carrying the other, rather than carrying both. He checks them in very tersely, then wanders away with barely a grunt to Ilsa as he heads for the bar.]

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[ The non-entity takes her key, and not waiting for the bellhop, who likely does not see her anyway. ]

[ When she gets there, the first act is to blockade the entry to the hallway with a chair, and take a few items from her purse. Tools in hand, Ilsa starts securing the room. ]

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[He flirts wildly with a very ordinary young drone waitress, while drinking a single scotch on the rocks. He doesn't rush, but he also doesn't linger, or show any sign of intending to seriously hit on the waitress: this is Mayfield. He saunters to the desk, asks if they have any magazines, flips through a few and pulls out a Mayfield-ized copy of LIFE, tips the clerk, and ambles away to his room. Once there he takes his time, stepping out long enough to hang a "Do not disturb" sign. He goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, and then quietly slips over to the connecting door, picking it in seconds. He cracks it open, and says, simply,]

I'm going to shower and change, liebchen. Take your time, and either join me when you're ready... or drag me in with you.

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[ He had been gone long enough she could physically secure and ward her room with time to spare for looking through the suitcase he packed for her. ]

[ There wasn't a question of if it would fit, or if it would suit her, knowing what he had made for her before. But after she hung up the suit for tomorrow, she was faced with a number of items most definitely not suitable for the office. ]

[ Setting aside some of the more complex pieces that she wasn't sure she could don alone (though getting them off wouldn't be a problem), she chose a nightgown made of lace so fine she could have drawn it though her wedding band. ]

[ So she had time while he was in the shower to add her contributions to security to his room, and still put the finishing touches on her appearance. ]

I had thought we could start in one room and see where the night takes us.
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[He's clean, and smells nice, and he's scrubbed his hair as dry as he can manage. He looks at her, eyes widening even if he did pick out the options for her.]

[Soft.] You look lovely. [Mischief] Grrrrrrr.

[He's wearing a red silk robe he found in a package under her tree, with his name on it.]

Date: 2012-01-04 12:38 am (UTC)
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[ Luckily for her, robe sizes can be approximate, as can most pajama styles. Sewing that, while he helped with her presents for Egon and John, had been one of her better slights of hand. ]

You make me look good, 'bibi.

[ She's turned out most of the lights in her room. Leaving the candle burning on the dresser, she advances on him. ]

Date: 2012-01-05 01:20 am (UTC)
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[He's got happiness radiating out of every square inch of him, along with the shocked, almost awed uncertainty of someone who had come to expect a certain steady-state misery. He flows against her, wrapping her close in his arms, and then displaying some sparky strength by scooping her up and cradling her.]

Where to, love? Bed? Floor? Shower? Chair? Your pick. We can always try another spot next time....

Date: 2012-01-05 01:37 am (UTC)
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[ She wraps herself around him, drinking in his joy and returning hers while cutting off his conversation by kissing him soundly. ]

[ When she decides to move on to his earlobe, she murmurs, ] ...closest spot.

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[He's an effete Europan prince, and honestly does think beds are usually more comfortable and stable. He carries her over to hers, returning her kisses, nuzzling behind her ear, slipping a strap from her shoulder. Soon enough he's very busy...and fails to notice when the candle goes out...]

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[ Timing is everything in certain circles. Ilsa has always found Tarvek to be a cooperative partner, even when he's not aware of everything involved. So riding the crest at midnight was not a difficult thing to arrange. ]

[ Later, much later, as they are snuggled in together, half-way between sleep and sensuality, the radio crackles to life. The message is long enough to catch Ilsa's attention that she is fully aware by the time the wish is spoken. ]

What was that? Or who?

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[Tarvek woke quickly, at the first sound of the radio. He's trained his whole life to be hyper-vigilant. Much of the context escaped him, though he has seen enough movies at Quin's to understand "It's a Wonderful Life," the more so because of the past holiday season of reverse-theme. But it's the voice at the end that shatters him.]

It's one of Mayfield's "gods." Lucy, or the man who plays her?

[He's vibrating with frustration and grief.]

Ilsa, is anyone trying to help him? Or her? Or even find out what happened that hurt so badly that this crazy town is the answer? I know we all hate being pounded on, but you're a psychiatrist: doesn't it bother you that no one cares that our "master" is bleeding to death over something?

[He shivers, refusing to cling to her.]

I know. I know. We're abused. But...I feel the same way about Mayfield that man does. A place I can't be hurt anymore. Yes, they mess with you, and me, and all of us -- but even at their worst, there's something sweet underlying the crazy. This place really could be heaven, if we could just find a way to help our puppet master see it.

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There's only so much you can do for an unwilling patient, 'bibi.

[ That applies to more than one "patient" in Mayfield. She understands his position more now than she did this summer, now that he's let slip more of his past. She is able to insulate some of his frustration, and nudge a little bit of hopefulness. Just a little, as much as he hates being manipulated, she doesn't push too hard. ]

Then there's the problem of finding them, of getting the message to them. With so many layers, so many issues... and not many edges to grab. I'm wondering if the "Lucy" facade is intended to be protective coloring, or if there's another story there.

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[He lets her hope seep into him. He knows the flavor of her nudges, and doesn't feel so much manipulated as comforted... as though she placed a warm hand over an aching muscle. He lets himself curl closer again.]

I know. But--Ilsa, if I weren't worried she'd drone me and leave you alone, I'd simply go up to the door and knock, and tell her how many ways I like Mayfield. And how much I wish I could help her work out how to stop making the people here angry, when she wants them to be happy with her.

Date: 2012-01-05 03:27 am (UTC)
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[ She wraps herself around him as he settles in. That he's worried about leaving her alone is a selfish relief, but a relief nonetheless. She begins to spin out some threads of contemplation. ]

There's also the possibility that the personality behind the terrors just doesn't care that others are angry, or hurt, or fearful... and in extreme cases, the personality enjoys the pain of others.

[ There is the thought that they should sleep, and the likelihood that they won't be able to sleep for some time. ]

Date: 2012-01-05 05:29 am (UTC)
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[He sighs, contented. He's not naive, and he can accept that "Lucy" may be a complete, out-of-control Madboy. But for the moment that call of fear and desire for haven haunts him. The thing is, he's used to being haunted. He's not half as used to being happy, and sated, and curled with his love, and it's easy to just give himself to that.]

Hmm. Maybe...

[He starts to say something else, then with sudden grace, simply falls asleep.]



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